BA, MA & PhD Supervision

PhD: Karlijn Olislager (History), feminism and women’s exhibitions in The Netherlands.
PhD: Christie Ray (Media Studies), touch screens and instructions for use in exhibitions.

Embedded Research/Predoctoral:
Louis Buckley, “Bio-Art, Ethics, and Engagement,” 2014

MA Theses:
“The Representation of Child Care Institutions in The New York Times in the Early Progressive Era,” Sophia Beukenhorst, MA American Studies, 2018

“No Secret Anymore: Sexuality, Magazine Advertising, and American National Character, 1953-1964,” Stephanie Evers, MA American Studies, 2017

“I’m sure there’s a heterosexual explanation for this”: An analysis of the queering and unqueering of representations, memorializations and commemorations of LGBTQ history in public history spaces,” Nina Schuts, MA American Studies, 2017

“Fighting Stereotypes: The Cultural Representation of the Chicana in American Film,”
Elise Hoogendoorn, MA American Studies, 2017

“Women in Politics: The Gender Gap in Political Representation and Ambition in the United States and the Netherlands,” Iris Bos, MA American Studies, 2017

“Abortion on Screen: Shonda Rhimes and the Television Portrayal of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States,” Lizzy van Hees, MA American Studies, 2017

“It’s Time! Strategies for Integrating Women’s History in Public History,” Ellen Schuurman,
MA Public History, 2017

“Towards a Living Activist Archive Online: A case study of CivilMedia@TW in Taiwan,”
Chia-Wei Tung, MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, 2016

“Engaging Amateur Film: An Investigation into User Activity at Archival Institutions,”
Nicholas Carbone, MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, 2016

“The Spark, the Fire, the Ashes: The Park 51 Controversy – Post-9/11 American Identity & Islamophobia,” Nathalie Bank, MA American Studies, 2016

“Locked Up in Darkness: the U.S. federal Supermaximum Prison Debate,” Anna Muns, MA American Studies, 2016

“When AIDS is history,” Hugo Schalkwijk, MA Public History, 2015

“Branding Family History,” Carlijn van Spaendonck, MA Public History, 2015

“Women’s History in Museums,” Jasmijn van Houten, MA Public History, 2014

“Becoming ‘Disney Worlds of Heritage Entertainment’? Transformation in Public Programming at the Amsterdam City Archives,” Roosmarijn Thuijsman, MA Public History, 2014

“From Epidemic to War: Response of the U.S. Government on the Emergence of the Obesity Epidemic, 1980-2014,” Hannah Tiel, MA American Studies, 2014

“Riding the Wave of Acceptance: An Exploration of Hip-Hop’s Evolving Relationship to Queer Sexualities,” Jurjanne Vos, MA American Studies, 2014

“Access and Reuse of the Moving Images of the Colombian Armed Conflict 1983-2013: Broadcasting Traces, Online Platforms and the Writing of History,” Luisa Ordóñez Ortegón, MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, 2014

“No Place Like Home: The Rhetoric of Fetal Rights in the American Homebirth Debate,” Suzan Steeman, MA American Studies, 2013

“Under Fire: The Republican Party’s War on Women in the 2012 Election,” Martine Gouw, MA American Studies, 2013

“Archives and National Identity: Audiovisual Heritage in the UK and Ireland,” Eoin O’Donohoe, MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, 2013

“Film Festivals each Into Cyberspace: A History of Online Film Festivals,” Norbert Bakker, MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, 2013

BA Theses:
“Broadcasting HIV/AIDS: The Representation on HIV/AIDS on Dutch Television, 1981-2018,” Jan Waaksma, BA History, 2018

“HIV under Reagan and Obama: A New Incentive for Criminalisation,” Ticho Goossens, “BA History, 2018

 “Modern Medicine, Victorian Suffragettes, and the Female Body,” Elliyah Dyson, BA History, 2018

“The History of Dutch Creative Therapy in Comparative Perspective,” Philip van Aalst, BA History, 2018

“Preserving a history that many would rather hide”: The Whitney Plantation and its relation to the representation of the history of slavery in American public landscape in the twentieth century, Judith Pel, BA History (American Studies Track), 2016

“Between Tolerance and Acceptance: Homosexuality on Television in the Netherlands, 1980-2013,” Ellen Schuurman, BA History, 2014