On the 1st of May 2018, Dr. Manon S. Parry was named professor (by special appointment) at the Faculty of Humanities at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Parry, Senior Lecturer in American Studies and Public History at the University of Amsterdam, holds the chair initiated by Stichting Historia Medicinae for an initial period of five years. The aim of the chair is to support and further develop research and education in the history of health, illness, health care and medicine in their social, cultural and scientific contexts, in collaboration with the Metamedica group at the VU Medical Center (VUMC). The chair is embedded in the interdisciplinary research institute CLUE + at the university.

MA in Medical History
Dr. Parry will be responsible for redeveloping the existing MA program in Medical History, an interdisciplinary degree course that is jointly offered by the Faculties of Humanities of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, and by the Faculties of Medicine of the Universities of Maastricht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The degree is currently open to students of History, Health Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Social Sciences at any of these universities as well as to international students.

Research in the Health Humanities
In addition, she will work to establish a platform for Health Humanities research, coordinating collaborative research projects and funding bids to build a vibrant community of pre- and postdoctoral researchers. These activities will be organized around two main themes. Medical Heritage: Archival, Material, and Spatial Legacies, examines the preservation, interpretation, and reuse of medical heritage. Health Humanities: Evidence, Expertise, and Authority, brings interdisciplinary teams together to investigate the interplay of different disciplinary perspectives in the understanding of disease categories. Students and researchers interested in joining these activities are invited to get in touch to discuss potential projects and funding possibilities. Contact Professor Parry at m.s.parry@uva.nl

Teaching and Thesis Supervision at the University of Amsterdam
Dr. Parry is also Senior Lecturer in American Studies and Public History at the University of Amsterdam. For the duration for the research project “Human Curiosities,” she is teaching a limited selection of courses: Special Topics in Public History I and II: Digital Public History (MA Public History) and MA Thesis Workshop (MA American Studies). She is also available to supervise BA, MA and PhD theses related to women’s history, the history of medicine, public history, gender and sexuality, disability studies, archives and museums, health communication and mass media. See “Supervision” for a list of completed and ongoing student projects.